Forbes: An Interview with Mahdi Amjad

Forbes: An Interview with Mahdi AmjadForbes: An Interview with Mahdi Amjad

Why an executive left his family business to
become a Dubai-based luxury real estate developer

Instead of joining his family’s jewellery business, Mahdi Amjad forged his own career, first in technology and then real estate. Combining the two, Amjad now leads two groups as founder and executive chairman—Almasa Holdings, which focuses on technology distribution, software and e-Commerce—and Omniyat, a real-estate group specializing in bespoke residential partnerships with elite hotel groups. Amjad has re-defined the standard of luxury across Dubai. Omniyat’s portfolio, including the brand’s flagship properties—One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai; The Residences, Dorchester Collection, Dubai; and The Opus—is currently valued at over $5 billion.

How did you first get interested in the real estate industry? What are some of the signatures of the projects you choose?

Dubai’s leadership has always been an inspiration for me, and the city’s glittering skyline reflects the leadership’s vision for impressive and iconic architectural development; the city is a globally renowned place of innovations and world firsts. I wanted to be part of this phenomenon.

15 years ago, I saw a lot of developments that focused on mass production, so I saw an opportunity to provide a much more personalized, bespoke and detail-orientated proposition. I believed there was a gap in the luxury real estate segment, which propelled me to enter the industry.

The projects that fall under the remit of OMNIYAT are all unique, I would say that this in itself is a signature style of what we stand for. No project under our name is a repetition, and we are committed to delivering only the best in building solutions, luxury residential and renowned hospitality for our residents.

At OMNIYAT we are equipped with a development philosophy to create best-in-class projects. We work with leading architects, designers, contractors and consultants with the aim to re-define the standard of luxury across the region. Our flagship properties are an embodiment of this approach, including One at Palm Jumeirah and The Residences both managed by Dorchester Collection and The Opus by OMNIYAT.

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