Loddj is omniyat’s revolutionary property management programme, that will create value for investors and offer guests a unique and exciting holiday homes experience.
When you purchase a luxury property from omniyat, you have the option of signing up with the loddj programme and enjoy exceptional returns on your investment. The loddj app will find global travelers looking for holiday homes in dubai and create an unforgettable experience for them. The loddj homes will have everything they need – daily eatables, children friendly foods, beach slippers, funky sunglasses and free wi-fi, apple devices such as apple tv and ipads for children, phone chargers for all phone types, a range of toiletries that goes beyond body wash and shampoo, disposable nail cutters and face masks, and many more intriguing things that will enhance the guest experience.

Loddj will ensure that guests keep coming back because they “ddjust’ can’t get enough.