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A first look at the majestic terrace of One Palm show apartment in Palm Jumeirah.

A first look at the majestic terrace of One Palm show apartment in Palm Jumeirah.

The luxurious terrace of One Palm show apartment has been revealed and the results are breathtaking.

A first look of the terrace reveals a mesmerizing haven of natural beauty carefully designed to complement the out of this world views of the Arabian Gulf and to provide the utmost of privacy and comfort through perfect symmetry and natural grace. Indeed, a unique masterpiece of scenic wonder has been beautifully crafted through meticulous detail.

World-renowned landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic was hand selected due to his vast experience and ability to bring the vision of One Palm to life through his sophisticated techniques and ability to understand the demanding needs of the discerning buyers of One Palm.

“Vladimir has brought to the project his vision of true holistic living experience, flawlessly combining sustainability, beauty, and serenity. He seamlessly integrates sleek design with nature, with every aspect exuding magnificence and complete balance. The design of the most expensive penthouse bought in Dubai is also being undertaken under Vladimir’s close supervision to ensure that every expectation is met. The luxury unit’s spacious terraces are going to add more depth and life to the entire living experience of its owner once the construction is fully completed,” said Mohammed Hmeid, Sales and Marketing Director at Omniyat.

Located on the eastern tip of the iconic Palm Jumeirah’s trunk, One Palm offers three-, four- and five-bedroom residences and three triplex penthouses, with each unit having access to the stunning views of Dubai Marina’s skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Living up to its commitment to deliver a unique reimagined approach to elegance and exclusivity, Omniyat commissioned Djurovic to design the exterior landscape of the 910,000-sq ft development.

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