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Mahdi K M J Amjad

Mahdi K M J Amjad, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Omniyat, is a dynamic leader, self-starter and has an eye for identifying valuable opportunities. He founded Omniyat in 2005 with a vision to contribute to UAE’s .....

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Mark Phoenix

Mark Phoenix, a creative thinker and inspirational leader, is the Managing Director of Omniyat and leads the Group’s operations in the UAE. Mark has driven the organisation’s strategic approach of collaborating with high-profi.....

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Tony Manning

Tony Manning brings over 30 years of professional and commercial experience ranging from SME’s as the founding partner of a chartered accountancy practice to the largest international companies with KPMG and BP. He moved from Londo.....

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Ishan Garga

Ishan Garga, the Executive Director of Corporate Finance and Investments, has over twelve years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance, strategy and risk consulting. He was previously working at Investate, an investme.....

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Mohammed Hmeid

Mohammed Hmeid, the Sales and Marketing Director at Omniyat, brings an innovative and distinctive approach to the brand experience and drives the creative vision of the organization. Mohammed has brought the concept - creating livabl.....

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At Omniyat, we believe in ‘Creating distinct liveable art in Dubai’ and OMNIYART is the essence of the experience we create.

All of our projects are driven by exclusive artistic sensibilities where design & art are at the centre piece of each of our developments and are committed to contributing towards the city’s vision of leading by design.

We collaborate with high profile designers such as Zaha Hadid, Steve Leung and Super Potato. Each designer, world-renowned for their award-winning designs, brings a distinct artistic look and feel to every individual property and this is the life-force behind OMNIYART.

Every project carries its unique design signature which speaks to the aesthetic sensibilities of its audience – from the contemporary oriental look and feel at One at Palm Jumeirah, to the artistic touch at The Opus. Additionally, a Miami-chic feel at The Pad to a functional and modern experience at the Square and the art deco at The ANWA, all properties reflect OMNIYART sensibilities.

Each of our signature project design offers serious bragging rights and every project is planned after studying the lifestyle aspirations of potential residents. We believe in consistent delivery on the design promise, to create a superior return on investment and give every home owner the fulfilling experience of living in a unique space that reflects their personality.